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Federal Supreme Court – Threema is not obliged to monitor and unencrypt data

In May 2020, the Swiss Federal Administrative Tribunal (FAT) upheld the appeal of Threema, the provider of the telephony and messaging app with the same name, against an instruction of the Federal Post and Telecommunications Surveillance Service to monitor and unencrypt marginal data in real-time (see our article here). In its ruling 2C_544/2020 of 29 April 2021, the Federal Supreme Court

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Swiss Federal Supreme Court: Tightened Competition Law Practice on Recommended Resale Prices – Everything Unclear?

In its decision dated 4 February 2021, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court qualified Pfizer's non-binding resale price recommendations for Viagra, a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction, as inadmissible resale price maintenance in the form of a concerted practice that is subject to direct fines, contrary to the Swiss Federal Administrative Court. The judgement already attracted a lot of attention

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